Gala Sevilla 2015

This year’s GALA Annual Conference in Sevilla, Spain, once again, exceeded our expectations. This event felt more special to us, as Two Ways, together with colleagues from Latin Data, participated as speakers with a short talk, for the first time, at an International conference.

We arrived to the hotel on Sunday afternoon eager to meet friends, colleagues, familiar faces, and new people. The welcome cocktail was particularly fun; flamenco dancers delighted us with a local flamenco show and gave the flavor we were all hoping to have considering we were at the Flamenco World Capital.

Soon after the cocktail was over, 9 members of Translated in Argentina, representing 7 companies, met for the monthly meeting in a very different and relaxed environment. Once again, we were the loudest crowd in the hotel bar!

Monday was THE day. It was the day we have been preparing for the last three and a half months. Our session name was “Freelancers: angels or demons?” and the topic was chosen with the inner believe that this could be an issue for many LSPs attending at GALA, and it didn’t take us long to discover that we were right. For the first time in our five GALA events, we noticed in several informal talks during coffee breaks, meeting at the corridors, and at the Knowledge Fest roundtable session that problems with freelance linguists was a common issue to more people than we thought.

Gala Dinner was exceptional! Since we were the last ones to get into the restaurant, meaning there were no more seats were available in the main area, we were sent to a separate place with glass walls; the “VIP lounge”, as we decided to call it once we saw the amazing view we had of the Guadalquivir River and the Golden Tower. We danced until 11:30 to all kinds of music rhythms and came back to our hotel rooms barefooted!

Tuesday was the day when the next GALA Conference venue was announced: NEW YORK!! This is getting better and better each year!!! Soon after that, the Film Fest was broadcasted. Two Ways participated this year with a short video, and although we didn’t win, it was fun to be part of this “much expected” moment of the conference. The winner was: Eurotradus, so congratulations!! We will be back next year; we don’t give up that easily ;). Tuesday was also a day full of interesting sessions and meetings. After lunch, Translated in Argentina representatives presented their talk on Coopetition, making many wonder how is it possible to cooperate with the competition.

The Happy Hour reception was full of drinks and delicious tapas that still can’t be forgotten. More fun came afterwards, as local friends took us to a typical Sevillan restaurant and an incredible group of around 30 colleagues from all over the world came along.

Wednesday was the last day and the feature to highlight here is the Keynote Speaker, Paula Shannon. Her session was so enlightening and entertaining! We came back home full of ideas to face disruptive innovations on a daily basis.

Once again, the GALA Conference was an incredible opportunity to share experiences, moments, laughs, and why not, drinks ;). Thank you to the GALA team, who make an outstanding job to make this the best event year after year.

See you in New York!

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